We have highly experienced consultants at our disposal. We have been providing services in the sectors of finance, telecommunication, sales, etc. for the last fifteen years.
This way we provide our clients with truly professional consultation.


Our consultants

 We can offer our clients for a set period of time both a team of experienced consultants and the services of individual consultants. A real advantage to using the services of our specialists is their availability at a moment’s notice as well as cost savings due to use of the most appropriate solutions for each project.

Areas of expertise

Our consultants specialise in the following spheres:


You can employ an ordinary analyst. Or you can use the service of our conslutants.  They’re able to empathize with your business plans and to obtain data for their analysis needed to build a superb solution.  Among others, we offer analytical consultations in these areas:

  • analysis and optimising of processes,
  • analysis of requirements and modelling of use cases,
  • analysis and proposal of user or system interface,
  • integration analysis,
  • public tender preparation.

Developement (Technologies: Java, .NET, Oracle etc.)

In the area of software development we use the latest technology and trends. Our services are used by firms that might need assistance with developmental work within their own environment, but only to a limited extent. It therefore makes no sense for them to have their problem resolved externally, though neither can they employ an experienced developer. Our specialists provide a guarantee of top quality work carried out strictly to deadline.


Security, dependability and expertise. These are some of the main advantages of using our consultants’ integration services. They help administer integration platforms with clearly defined deadlines and key performance indicators, or when connecting new systems to an integration platform. All of this is monitored to ensure it meets the specified SLA parameters. This covers a range of technologies and knowhow that is essential for undertaking EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) projects.

Project management

Top quality project management involves meeting deadlines, keeping within budget and attaining the projected outputs. The extensive experience our consultants have acquired from the many projects they have overseen in the financial, telecommunication and public sectors enables them to put a precise figure on the duration of a project and the human resources it will require.


Within the framework of QA our consultants cover the process of planning, managing and controlling the test process, recommend the most suitable testing strategies, and carry out manual and automated testing.

They also possess extensive know-how in the sphere of security, CRM (Microsoft), etc.

What do we specialize in?

Our knowhow is based on years of experience. This allows us to offer the services of experienced specialists in all areas of our operations.