The correctly designed combination of a CRM system and mobile technology will enable you to manage and operatively change sales campaigns at any point during their course.



Customer relationship management

The CRM team implements projects in the sphere of sales and improving the purchasing experience of our customers’ clients, services for end customers, and marketing. Our solutions always include recommendations and rules for all employees who are going to use them. We use Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Sharepoint to deliver our products. We are a Microsoft certified gold partner.
Recently we have also focused on developing the open source SplendidCRM solution. SplendidCRM is aimed at small and medium-sized firms for which the main factor is price of implementation and the possibility of making dynamic modifications to the solution. SplendidCRM is very simple for administrators and allows for the development of new functionalities.


Why CRM from Cleverlance?

Our solution stands out for its simplicity, mainly thanks to our experience and the method using which we develop the product.
Low costs
Thanks to our portfolio of packages we can offer clients a very reasonable implementation price. We also offer the solution in the form of a service, which reduces investment expenses and cuts the cost of introducing new processes
Easy integration
Over time we have developed an integration level above CRM, using which it is very simple to integrate any business system that supports communication via web services.
Mobile access
Microsoft Dynamics CRM is also accessible via mobile devices (applications are available for iOS, Android and Windows), which gives you the opportunity to access data anytime, anywhere.
CRM packages
  • ​Invoicing
  • Client accounting – connection to Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Invoicing – connection to Helios
  • CRM integration layer
  • Prepaid telecommunications service package
  • Invoiced telecommunication service package
  • Resource Management System (RMS)
  • Collection process
  • Credit processing and management
  • Revolving
  • Ascertaining customer payment morale (scoring, connection to SOLUS)
  • Connection to SOLUS
  • Records of gifts
  • Simple customer entry – connection to ARES
  • Start package
  • Name days and birthdays
  • Print template management and document generation


We have many years’ experience in the implementation of many projects for important companies in their sphere, e.g.:​

  • Essox
  • Economia publishing house
  • Vilantro, energy sales​
  • Bohemia Energy
  • Centropol
  • Cash Gate
  • Proficredit
  • Profireal LLC
  • Slovak Telekom