Firefox OS app for DTAG

​Cleverlance Enterprise Solutions has completed the porting of the MobilBox Pro application to a Firefox operating system platform for Deutsche Telekom (DTAG). The work has been finished and the app is soon to be launched. The whole project illustrated the superb cooperation between DTAG, Mozilla and Cleverlance. All that remains are the final adjustments on the Firefox side. Firefox is a brand new platform to conquer the mobile market and compete with Android, iOS and Windows Phone. It is based on HTML 5 and is a synonym for innovation and flexibility.   

Cleverlance has been developing and supporting the MobilBox Pro for DTAG since 2012. Its excellent experience of previous cooperation led DTAG to continue on this project with Cleverlance. Despite a host of technological challenges the project was successfully completed. The main credit goes to the Cleverlance mobile implementation team for its enthusiasm and love of new technologies.   

​ “Cleverlance has already proven its flexibility, reliability and technological progressiveness on previous projects. Cleverlance was the clear choice,” said Stefan Gauer, International Product Manager for Mobile Messaging at Deutsche Telekom.

“I am extremely pleased that we can cooperate with the DTAG products and innovation department. During 2014 we will see a lot of cool innovations being introduced: SmartWatch clients, Google Glassware and others,” said Milan Mitošinka, head of the mobile development unit at Cleverlance.

The MobilBox Pro application is offered to DTAG mobile customers as part of a package of voicemail services in which the end user can have recorded voicemails forwarded by email as a file, play back these files, and use other functionalities that simplify the reading of voicemail messages.

About Cleverlance Enterprise Solutions, a. s.

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