We have developed a mobile application for Google Glass and the Sony SmartWatch 2

Policyholders of a Slovak private health insurance company are sampling navigation for the first time in practice using Google Glass or the Sony SmartWatch2 thanks to the Dôvera mobile application. The application was developed by the team at Cleverlance led by Milan Mitošinka.

Thanks to us the free Dôvera application will now be available on these latest technology platforms. Anyone who owns Google Glass can already try out an application specially adapted for these glasses, and the application will operate on the Sony SmartWatch 2 in just a few weeks. In autumn other models will be added to the range of supported watches.

The Dôvera health insurance company is a leader in innovations aimed at providing electronic services to its policyholders. We want to continue this trend, which is why we are keeping pace with the latest technology. We believe that in this way we will satisfy the most demanding users of modern technology, who can now use our application on new, attractive platforms,” says Radomír Vereš, CFO, Dôvera.

Localisation in the event of an accident and the ability to find the nearest emergency services or pharmacies when staying in a foreign city has the potential to save the lives of technology enthusiasts.

When the application is activated on the watch an icon in the form of a green cross appears. Click on this and the nearest emergency services and pharmacies are displayed immediately. You can scroll through these and find their addresses and opening hours. Simply activate the navigation on your watch and your telephone will lead you to your chosen destination via Google Maps. In an unfamiliar city this is the ideal aid if you suddenly need to obtain drugs, for instance pain relief in the event of acute toothache.

The glasses connect and expand the possibilities of the watch and smartphone. Using the voice command “I need a doctor” you can phone the 112 service direct. Say “Find a pharmacy” and the nearest pharmacies will be displayed. Using the trackpad on the glasses you can then navigate to your destination. The display will show you the coordinates, distance and estimated time of arrival.

The Dôvera application is available for smartphones using Android or iOS. It will allow Dôvera clients full access to their electronic card. This contains their certificate of insurance, using which they can prove their identity to a doctor or pharmacist if they do not have the certificate on their person. The application was highly rated by the specialist jury of the international IT congress ITAPA 2013, where it was awarded two prizes.

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Media contact
Milan Mitošinka
Head of Mobile Products and Solutions