​​​​​People at Work

​Do you want to feel secure in the knowledge that your employees are where they are supposed to be, know what they have to do, and are working quickly and efficiently? People at Work will ensure maximum efficiencies for the lowest cost.


The People at Work solution

PaW is about effectively managing work resources in space and time. Work requirements are entered into the system (with attributes such as type of request, required time and date for realisation, locality (address), requisite skills, time needed for completion, etc.), and the available human resources are lined up opposite (skill set, distribution of resources around localities, defined attendance, etc.).
The core of the system is a planner module that assigns/plans work, i.e. work requests, to individual human resources on the basis of a cost model. The cost model takes a range of criteria into account – the cost of travelling between the localities of individual work requests, request priority, the duration of individual requests, the efficiency of individual work resources, etc. The planned/assigned work is made accessible to the workforce in the form of daily plans entered into employees’ mobile devices (a mobile application for Android) and individual work requests are processed in situ during the course of a day. Employees can also communicate with PaW via a standard web client and have support for the comprehensive processing of requests at all times.

Why is People at Work by Cleverlance a unique solution?

  • The product is compatible with ERP and CRM in the telecommunications and utilities sectors
  • Connectors to the systems SAP, Siebel, Cramer, etc.
  • Compatible with EU legislation
  • Supports Right Time technology

  • Mobile management of service employees using smartphone/tablet application
  • Online control and management of workforce
  • Automation and optimisation of work plans
  • Reduce the number of service employees by up to 40%
  • Cut logistical costs by up to 30%
  • Increase productivity by up to 25%
  • Meets SLA terms and conditions better than 95%
  • Standardisation of processes, measurability


"The optimisation the system offered allowed us to increase our compliance with SLA to 95% from the previous 84% and make cost savings of 30% prior to putting the system into productive operation."

Milan Schlezinger - Telefónica O2 CZ

"The system is used fully to support the company’s core business (the installation of services with customers, operative resolution of errors). In the future it is anticipated that the system will manage and plan more than 600 vehicles and resources."

Ing. Miroslav Majoroš - Slovak Telekom​