Michael Čakrt

​One of the largest testing projects in the modern history of Cleverlance is currently running at O2. It has been six months since our company has won a tender for the delivery of integration testing for O2. Already since the very beginning, the project looked like a highly ambitious one – 27 specialists on the positions of senior test leader, telco analyst and test executor for the delivery of integration tests for approximately 130 applications.

In order to get such a huge project running in the high quality guaranteed by Cleverlance, it was necessary to agree on continuous cooperation also with current O2 employees who previously worked in bodyshop mode. Their knowledge of the systems were so unique that without their help the project's start would have been much harder.

Cleverlance has acquired many amazing colleagues for which I am grateful and that I really enjoy working with. Not even three months after the start of the project, it became obvious how much work we still have ahead of us. The company O2, i.e., PPF, slowly started to reveal its plans for 2015. Without more information about projects covered by NDA, I can tell you that during the summer over 100 colleagues from Cleverlance will analyze, propose tests and processes and perform testing in O2. 

A project of such scale, which will grow even bigger over time, requires precise management and economic systems. Fortunately, we have a skilled project manager and quite a few experienced test leaders. The person responsible for sourcing and operations, which is a never-ending discipline, is always doing a great job.​

In terms of the job itself, here are the expected workloads that our teams have to handle: Only for O2 release, where the deadline is limited to 2 months, around 2000 MDs are generated, plus thousands of additional MDs for separately running transformation projects. From these numbers, it should be obvious that the workload is huge and everyone here is working hard and truly deserves praise and appreciation.​

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