Our work is helping transform this planet




Monitoring and reducing our carbon footprinthttps://www.cleverlance.com/en/csr/planetary-transformation/Pages/carbon-footprint.aspxMonitoring and reducing our carbon footprint
Education and inspirationhttps://www.cleverlance.com/en/csr/planetary-transformation/Pages/education-and-inspiration.aspxEducation and inspiration
Adapting to more flexible work styleshttps://www.cleverlance.com/en/csr/planetary-transformation/Pages/flexi-office.aspxAdapting to more flexible work styles
Helping hands and good workshttps://www.cleverlance.com/en/csr/planetary-transformation/Pages/helping-and-charity.aspxHelping hands and good works
Efficiency in all things, great and smallhttps://www.cleverlance.com/en/csr/planetary-transformation/Pages/behave-economically.aspxEfficiency in all things, great and small


Reliability and open communication

We want to foster an open, creative atmosphere in which employees and clients cooperate work well and trust each other. Our company values help us do just that.

Cooperation and decency

Strong, long-lasting relationships are built on trust, being willing to help each other, and keeping promises.

Results and freedom

We enjoy exploring new paths to achieve better results.

Ideas and enthusiasm

We take the initiative, support each other and enjoy our work.

Creativity and communication

We never create in a void. We listen carefully to what our clients want and always keep lines of communication open to make sure we hit the mark.

Compliance and Ethical Conduct

What we believe

Humans shape the world through everything we are. Everything we think. Everything we do. We create; we adapt.

At Cleverlance we think about this in context. We want to act responsibly, so we started to track our carbon footprint so we can work on reducing it. We make efficient use of resources to minimize waste. We are conscientious about recycling.

We educate ourselves and draw inspiration from each other. We volunteer, support and organize our own charity collections. We maintain the highest standards of ethics.

In our eyes, digital transformation means planetary transformation. We see every project as an opportunity to streamline processes in order to save or even renew valuable resources.

We take a keen interest in clean energy and a healthier future for the world.
In a very real sense, with every project we complete — we help shape it.


and zero tolerance
for corruption

Everything we do is in strict compliance with standards of ethics and the law in the countries where we do business.

We do not tolerate any form of corruption, including accepting, offering or suggesting bribes.

We have a comprehensive compliance program and regularly train our employees and managers on anti-corruption procedures. We choose straight dealing and clean paths to success.

Principles of Anti-corrupt Action