Technology companies
today must deliver
a total experience

Business Analysis

Our specialists are the bridge between business ideas and business capabilities. They increase value and reduce risks by identifying, creating and scoping valuable changes and enhancements to business processes.

User Experience Design

We are one of the pioneers of the user experience approach, which is a part of the decision-making processes in product and service development. Our goal is to balance a superior user experience with the tactical goals of project stakeholders.

Extended Reality (XR)

Thanks to our extensive project experience, we understand the business value of XR. Deployment and use of XR opens up possibilities ranging from employee performance optimization to the creation of safe training spaces. XR is a new level of training where users learn hard skills practice (operating and repairing equipment) along with soft skills (communication and empathy).

User Interface Design

At Cleverlance, we believe the user interface is an integral aspect of the user experience. Our UI designers create reliable, functional and enjoyable user interfaces. As a result, our products and services minimize the effort a user must expend when interacting.


We ensure the things that need to work together do. Our specialists help organizations analyze their current IT architecture and identify areas where changes lead to savings. We help develop a vision of where your organization wants to go with IT in the future.

Machine Learning / AI

Get in touch with our experts, gain the advantage of state-of-the-art solutions and technologies that support machine learning / artificial intelligence. Discover hidden connections and links between vast amounts of data.

Automated Testing

Our specialists will select the right automation tool to provide you with the benefits of automation testing: Faster feedback cycles, higher test coverage, improved accuracy and above all, less stress for your quality assurance team.

Cloud Native Application Engineering

We will help you become one of the born in the cloud companies. Cloud-native technologies offer businesses reduced costs, scalability, flexibility and reduced time to market. Any ready new feature can be deployed live without disrupting app performance.


Distributed Agile Teams

With our team’s utilization of proper tools and best practices, you can expect predictable delivery alongside assistance in product development in line with your roadmap. Working with us enables you to experience one of the best benefits of this management approach – access to global talent.

Intelligent Automation

Our experts have tools to automate your time-consuming, routine business processes, enabling your employees to spend more time on cognitive tasks and owners to have more effective monitoring and fraud detection.


Experience your product releases at any rate demanded by your business needs, with increased scalability and availability enabled by our guidance. Our preconfigured tools lead to faster innovation and reduced time to market.

Agile Application Management

Our agile teams are autonomous, self-organized and cross-functional. Thanks to collaboration between the project team and the stakeholders, there is no room for misunderstanding and miscommunication. These results are apparent from the quality and on-time deliveries of our projects.

Secure Development

We ensure that the lengthy software development lifecycle is broken down into meaningful parts and continuously security tested. This makes it easier to perform meaningful evaluations helps programmers work across development stages simultaneously.

Service Delivery

Given our customer orientation, service delivery is one of the most important aspects of our work. It is our chance to impress and to demonstrate what your business can achieve and where it can add value.