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Are you looking to explore and learn new things? Do you want a job that makes a difference and also lets you develop your tech and other skills? Or are you looking for somewhere to put your experience to work and help other people develop? If so, you should check out our values: Teamwork, fair play, results, freedom, ideas, enthusiasm, and of course creativity and communication.

Drop us an email with your CV attached. Tell us about the projects you’ve been involved in and send us your portfolio, if possible, so we can hit the ground running and get straight to the point, talking about where you want to go next.

How do we work and what values do we share?

We are all about teamwork. Whether doing fieldwork, preparing prototypes, analyzing, coding, or presenting our results to clients and colleagues, we always work in multidisciplinary teams and tackle problems together, keeping the primary goal of the project in mind at all times. Throughout the process we discuss new possibilities and ideas that could help us complete the project more effectively.

Information sharing is critical. We structure the app building process so that anyone can take the project over from us or build on it at any time. Good communication is the key to achieving excellent results. Regular status updates and feedback keep us moving forward. We always act in good faith and treat each other with respect.

We are happy to share our knowledge and experience from past projects – the doors are always wide open to creativity, education and expanding horizons about new technologies and processes.

Many of us cut our teeth on IT in the Clever academies and training sessions, working our way up to architect, analyst, senior developer or team leader.

The hiring process

We will let you know whether we have anything to offer you. Someone from HR will contact you to set up a Skype or Teams meeting to talk things over. You’ll have the opportunity to meet with the competence leader for the area you’re interested in or with your potential colleagues and supervisor. You’ll discuss your project experience and knowledge. We want to know where you’re headed in your career and what expertise you want to acquire.

If the fit is right and you have the knowledge we need, we’ll be able to make you an offer in writing.

If you accept it, you will agree with your future supervisor on your start date. HR will get in touch to let you know what needs to be done in advance and what you should bring with you on your first day. They’ll also tell you what to expect at Cleverlance during the adaptation period. That’s not the last time you’ll work with HR, though – our doors are open whenever you need us.



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