Clever Industry

We are transforming data into information.

We are combining AUTOCONT’s know-how in industry and HW with Cleverlance’s digitisation competencies.


Digital Orchestration Platform

Clever Industry interconnects and complements often isolated and fragmented systems in industrial enterprises, which are usually also provided by different suppliers. With ThingWorx technology, we create one robust digital orchestration platform. This way, data is put into context and our customer gains a 4.0 standard factory managed by data.

We are different. We are not engaging in empty talks about Industry 4.0, but we are genuinely delivering it to our customers. To their manufacturing halls. To their warehouses. Every day.
Technological independence, that is what makes us unique. We are not promoting PLCs or technology made by a single vendor, and there is no need to replace your existing systems. Because we are a true partner and we can guarantee functionality, as well as return from your investment (ROI) into technology.

Digitisation of Production

Digital orchestration of manufacturing processes delivers enormous increase in productivity, efficient data management of manufacturing processes, and reduced manufacturing time.

Intelligent IoT Logistics

IoT technology is the reason why our customers know exactly how to plan their inventory and production, which results in reduced costs of material and logistics.

Smart Maintenance

Digitalised online data collection from basically any technology makes it possible to predict occurrence of defects and thus to efficiently reduce the cost of maintenance.

IoT Energy Management

By applying IoT technology in energy management, we are helping our customers with managing the optimum consumption of all media and draw their attention to any inefficiencies.

Strong and Experienced Team

Digital transformation is leading to revolutionary changes, be it in industry, retail, or logistics. And that is why our customers appreciate having our strong and experienced team of experts from Clever Industry, a team that has completed dozens of successful implementations in specific areas of industry and logistics, as their partner.

Technology partner

Clever Industry delivers technology from a global leader in IoT platforms.

Clever Industry

From data collection, through digital orchestration, all the way to VR/AR. All this is Clever Industry.


Key Benefits

  • System implementation in less than 30 minutes
  • Connection of machines taking up just few minutes
  • Connection through any of 174 existing protocols
  • 2-month of assisted trial operation for free
  • Subscription licensing mode – OPEX
  • Possibility to choose an on-prem, hybrid, or cloud deployment
  • Subsequent changes fully in the customer’s hands

Real Benefits

  • Reduced production throughput time (TPT) by17 - 34%
  • Increased effectiveness (OEE+OLE) by9 - 22%
  • Increased quality of production by 21 - 43%
  • Reduced energy consumption by 14 - 29%
  • Reduced unfinished production inventory by 9 - 12%
  • Reduced overall inventory value by6 - 14%
  • Control over the company activities100%

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